JLG E450AJ electric manlift

JLG E450AJ electric manlift
  • Opciones:All models available: 35E, 45E, 450E, 450EAJ, 600A
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  • Condición:Operational, Used, As-Is, Refurbished and NEW
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Work without emissions or loud engines.
Platform Capacity: 500 lb / 226.80 kg
Machine Width: 5 ft 9 in. / 1.75 m
Platform Height: 45 ft / 13.72 m
Key Features
Versatility – Three platform heights and jib and non-jib options; three chassis widths to fit any workspace; electric or multi-fuel
Productivity – work longer with longer duty cycles
Environmentally friendly – zero emissions
Accessibility – up and over access, optional jib
Maneuverability – move over uneven surfaces with the Automatic Traction Control option

We have the following models available: 35E, 45E, 450E, E450EAJ, and E600A.

JLG E450AJ electric manlift
45' platform
51' working height

We have several new and refurbished JLG electric manlifts, including the following models: 35E, 45E, 450E, 450EAJ, and 600A.

Most machines offer optional all-wheel drive, an oscillating axle and traction control that allows you to drive over rough terrain. And some models offer an optional articulating jib for easy access to spots with limited accessibility. Most models have a 500 lbs. platform capacity and a platform height of 45 feet.

All machines are operational and environmentally friendly, allowing operators to work without emissions or loud engines.

Please call or email for stock and availabity.

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